A small game made in (under) 48 hours for the GMTK Jam.

Get the green ball to the goal using your grapple beam.


  • 10 levels of mostly increasing difficulty
  • Fancy transitions
  • Sounds
  • Graphics (kind of)

Controls: Mouse :) (Note: real mouse (or touchscreen) recommended, trackpads = bad time)

Press R to restart if you somehow get yourself in an awkward situation.


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Love this game, better than your typical grappling hook game

Great! Like it

Very cool!

Nope I gave up at the HAHAHA*30 level as soon I saw it

Fun game though, great execution and simple graphics!

Really  cool idea/aesthetic.  It was a bit too difficult for me but this is definitely one of the most polished/best games I've seen so far in the jam!

A kinda wish the restart happened faster (though tips are funny...)