You take the role of Oobleck, a small blue blob with a penchant for gastric distress. Brave seven challenging levels and a big red boss to complete your adventure!

  • WASD to move
  • Space to jump/goo
  • R to restart level
  • Go to the right and goo all the red things
  • Use Chrome for best performance

Music by Elijah Lucian
Sound by freesound users joshs, perel, and gilligan_itm


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This is really laggy, and I am using Google Chrome. Please try to make more efficient programming.

I've tried it again a few hours later, same problem. 1 star - an unplayable game.


The blob shader is quite intense (because I'm bad at shaders), it'll lag on low-end hardware. Also, this game is two years old and I'm not touching it anymore :)


its so laggy and i only get like limited goo, not fun.